Author: admin
November 8, 2009

We have rebuilt Lucid Jobs (www.lucidjobs.com ) to enhance the value of user experience. Users deserve more from a job portal, so we have redesigned to accommodate many features which no other job portal has even thought about…


It’s now easier and faster than ever to search and apply for jobs. Lucid Jobs doesn’t just stop at jobs alone, it has many more modules like Calendar, Application Tracking, Messenger, Forums, Roommates, and Classifieds etc which can help seekers and employers.


FREE JOB POSTING: Lucid Jobs is a completely free job portal with global reach. We have integrated Maps with your job posts to pin-point the job location. You can have a better reach using Twitter to post your jobs on all live search engines. The newly enhanced Employer module has Corp-to-Corp feature which allows you to share resources between companies and/or partners.


TECHNOLOGY: Lucid Jobs is fast, simple and efficient because it runs on smarter technologies. AJAX enables us to give you faster results for all search options like search by keywords, location and more. You can also personalize Lucid Jobs website using the color options.


JOB POSTING BY EMAIL: Registered users can email the job requirement to postajob@lucidjobs.com for instant job posting even when you are on the go.


INSTANT MESSENGER: Instant communication when both Job seeker and Posters are online to reduce the turnaround time.


APPLICATION TRACKING SYSTEM (ATS): ATS allows you to organize all your data (Resumes, Reports, Appointments and more) and also allows you to work from anywhere, anytime from any internet enabled device. You can share resumes between colleagues and clients and also update application status, schedule etc.


FORUMS:  Forums are an efficient way to start discussions, submit questions and get answers from experts.


ROOMMATES: We have identified that the job seekers need help with relocation. So, we made it easy for you to search for accommodations worldwide. You can use the map feature for better results.


CLASSIFIEDS: You might want to buy or sell stuff once you have secured a job and are looking to move. This section will help you realize the same with greater efficiency.


ANALYTICS: Keep a track of your activity by analytics. We know numbers can often be overwhelming. So, we added graphs.