November 10, 2009



Communicate effectively with a well-written Job Posting to attract job seekers.


As your Job post travel’s to various places like Twitter, Google, SimplyHired, Indeed & more. It is very important to craft a well designed job post to attract qualified profiles.


Title: Job Title is a form of advertising to reach your audience. Keep the Title short Precise and readable. People prefer to search for position title or designation they have held in past (E.g.: Java developer can get your more java resource compared software developer, software developer might not even show up in searches on search engines). It is powerful and must be used to their fullest advantage to attract resumes from different sources.


Location: Give exact location so that you can attract local resources who are readily available to take up the Job (you can enter address to be precise of the location, job posts integrated with Google maps when address is entered).


Industry: Mention the Industries you might fall into as some people only search for certain industries.


Immigration Information: Many people from outside the US want to come work in the United States or with In US with out proper employment authorization. Please specify Immigration Information within your job posting. Kind of work authorization you are looking for or any specific clearances or if you are ok to accept foreign applicants. By doing this you not only limit the number of applications that you need to sort through and respond to but you will also prevent excited job seekers from various sources from having false hopes of getting a job in your company.


Salary: It is always good to mention salary so you can avoid some of the questions and also it helps people who are skeptical about pay.


Description: Writing your job descriptions is a critical to your job post. If you write your job description poorly you could find yourself overwhelmed with unqualified candidates or it could result in too few responses. The more information you provide in your Job Posting the fewer questions you will have to answer from interested applicants about the job. This job description is submitted to all search engines out there to attract the job seekers.


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