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Tips for Job Search

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April 13, 2010


Upload your resume to Job boards Upload your resume to job boards and set resume to active job seeker in order for you to receive calls from recruiters.  50% of positions are filled before jobs are posted. So upload your resume for prospective employers to contact you even before they post job.


Set email alerts in job boards Set up an email alert for matching jobs in job boards like Indeed, SimplyHired, LucidJobs and other job boards so that you don’t miss out on any suitable jobs.


Know your resume – Know what’s written in your resume and how to support what you have written.  If necessary with examples. (for examples, if you have mentioned leadership skills as your key strength, make sure to be prepared to give examples to demonstrate your leadership skills).


Be Available - Make sure to have your answering machine or voice mail set properly.  Return all your calls promptly.  One of those missed call could be you’re future job.


Develop your contact list - Everybody has contacts.  Life would be impossible without contacts.  Your contacts might not be decision makers or help you get a job but, they might know someone who might be able to help.  Pick up the phone and talk to them, and let them know you’re looking for a job.


Network,  Network,  Network   Approaches in the informal market will be more productive and give better results than in the formal market.  These approaches can be in the form of attending various group meeting, taking part in community service activities, actively participating in LinkedIn.


Reach out directly to the EmployersMake of list of companies that might be of interest to you and try to get the key contact details in that company  from LinkedIn, through public libraries or internet search.   Email them your resume, with an impressive cover letter.


Get to know the top Recruiters in your area -   Most companies source their hiring needs through a staffing agency, to be able to get to such requirement you need to have contacts with the top recruiters in your area.  You can do this by participating in some of the recruiting events, where recruiters are likely to participate.  Also search for recruiters and add them in your LinkedIn network and keep in touch with them.


Be prepared before every interview – Do not attend an interview without doing your homework. Research the company you’re interviewing with.   Get to know the manager’s profile through LinkedIn or internet search.    Practice your style of talking and how you would answer various questions based on the job description.


Make a list of sample interview question - Make a list of sample questions based on your previous interview experience or get them through internet and practice an impressive answer to each of those questions.  (some common questions include, tell me something about yourself, your strengths, your weakness).


Always send a thank you letter after the interview - Always make sure to send a thank you letter to the interviewer and recruiter after the interview.